Our church started from humble beginnings in the Summer of 1983 – we are affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches. Since its inception God has been blessing us with a growing congregation made up of those from various walks of life.

Many have found it to be a caring Church, where visitors are always welcome regardless of class, creed or background. Why not come along yourself? We would love to see you! 


A more in-depth history can be found in ‘A History of Cookstown Independent Methodist Church (1983-2008)’ which can be viewed here.

Humble Beginnings
1983: A mission is conducted by the Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches and the Cookstown Independent Methodist Church is founded based in a portable hall on the Lissan Road. Mr Malcolm Patterson is called to be the Pastor.
Church Opening and New Beginnings
1984: A site is purchased on the Morgans Hill Road. A portable Hall is purchased and erected on our new site.
1985: Rev. Malcolm Patterson is ordained to be the Minister of Cookstown Independent Methodist Church.
Caddy Mission
1987: We held our first Gospel mission outside of our church building. We went to a hall at Caddy (Tullylagan, Cookstown). In the closing meeting on the Sunday afternoon there were 116 people packed into the hall; that mission primarily was a time of sowing the good seed. The Bible tells us to “cast our bread, upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1
New Building
1988: Work commences on a new Church building.
New Building Opened
1991: After almost 3 years the new building was opened on Saturday 28th September 1991 at 3:30pm. Around 500 people including many from across the province packed into the newly built church. The overflow was accommodated in the wooden church building.The guest speaker was Rev.Tom Cross.The soloist was Mrs. Ruth Maxwell. Gifts to the church were dedicated at the opening; these included an organ, a beautiful carved mahogany pulpit, communion table and chairs, a table and bookcase for the hallway and an oak bureau.
Caddy Mission
1998: It would be just over 10 years later in February 1998 that we returned to conduct another 3 week mission in that same hall. God really moved during this time of mission. A number of souls sought Him for Salvation including our second son Jonathan.
Purchase of Church Manse
1999: A beautiful manse was purchased in May 1999 at 29 The Dales, Cookstown at a cost of £96,000. It was amazing how the Lord met the financial need. We never begged for money at any time, but the congregation always rose to the occasion.
Dunman Mission
2001: A three week Gospel campaign was held in a portable hall at Dunman in February 2001. It was conducted by the Pastor and one of the lay preachers, Mr. Stewart Brown. Much prayer had ascended for this mission and it was a joy to see so many unconverted attend
Tent Campaign
2005: A tent campaign was held at the Dungannon roundabout on the outskirts of Cookstown. It had been discussed and prayed about for some time prior as this was our first ever tent mission to hold as a church.
25 Years of Ministry
2008: On Saturday 27th September 2008, the Cookstown Independent Methodist Church was packed to capacity for a special service of appreciation to mark 25 years of faithful service of the Pastor and his wife, Rev. Malcolm & Mrs. Olive Patterson.
2008 - 2021: Various missions and special meetings were conducted by speakers including: Dr. Alec Passmore, Rev. George Spiers, Rev. Ian Wilson, Dr. Charles Sommerville, David Bennett and Rev. John Hayes. Many of these can be listened to on our YouTube Channel.
Opening of New Church Hall
2021: Another milestone was made in the history of Cookstown Independent Methodist church on Saturday 11 th September when an open day was arranged to mark the erection of a new church hall and the total refurbishment of its present church building.


We believe in the old fashioned Gospel message as founded in the Scriptures and taught by the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. These messages are:



1) All men need to be saved
2) All men can be saved
3) All men can be saved and know it

We believe in the power of real intercessory prayer to change lives, circumstances and situations.